Happily Ever After ARC Reader Group

Are you a reader? Do you love getting your hands on amazing books? Do you love to read romance novels by new Indie Authors? Paranormal Romance? Fantasy Romance? Science Fiction Romance? Dystopian Romance? MC Romance?

Happily Ever After ARC reader Group is looking for you!!

Happily Ever After is a group of readers who do ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) and post honest reviews for a growing select group of Romance Indie Authors. We always have lots of ARC reads and free reads available and fun interaction with the authors. This is not your typical ARC reader group. You get to interact with the authors and get to know the person behind the book! You get to be apart of a Book Family!

With every Family there is rules though so be sure to read. There are questions needing to be answered to join the family, make sure you do that!

Come check us out and join to read!!

Happily Ever After