Claiming the Prince: Book Three by Cora Avery

AHHHHH!!  I am so upset

  • Book Blurb:

Magda has escaped the bloodshed and endless strife of her magical homelands, taking refuge once more in the mortal world. Or so she thought. She’s struggling to find peace in exile. While she knows she has no one but herself to blame, the loss of her Princes torments her. Nonetheless, she’s determined to forget them and move on with her life.

But when mercenaries kidnap her cousin, she’s forced to return to Alfheim to save him.

To gain his freedom, she must complete the most impossible of tasks for the god Eris—win the Crown. And that’s not all . . . The stakes are greater than Eris lets on.

The god has a trick up its sleeve that will give Magda a chance to love her Princes again . . . if she can rescue one from a prison of his own making and convince the other to give up his Throne.

This time, Magda must be both the rebel and the Radiant. And neither can fail, or the world will crumble.
The epic conclusion to the most fantastical of romantic adventures!

  • My thoughts 4 out of 5 :

  • AHHHHH!!  I am so upset. It didn’t end how I wanted it too. Not at all Guys. I sit here and started at the wall for a good five minutes after I closed my Kindle. Thinking WTH. Now, don’t get me wrong Book Three was a good read not as good as the first or second book but still good. My favorite Pixie Rae still her wonderful snarky self. All the questions and twists from the other books get answered but It’s just not how I wanted it to end lol.  I suppose sometimes we get that right?  It does end with a happy ending so I guess that’s something right?  I would recommend this series to anyone who loves adventure, fantasy, and a good read :). Check the books out. Cora weaves a world like of which I’ve never read before. PS. There are some naughty scenes through all the books 18+ guys.



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