Broken Souls By Claire Vale


  • I am already stronger than the girl I was yesterday. Tomorrow I’ll be even stronger.
    Lake grew up believing her city was the last hub of humanity left in the world after The Melt flooded the planet and the Arctic Virus turned what was left of the population into Living Corpses. But Windsor City hasn’t been standing alone all this time. It hasn’t been standing at all. Along with Bath, Oxford and Edinburgh, Windsor has been on its knees, at the mercy of an unknown power.

    Welcome to the Vaccine Wars.

    Celtic City, former naval base, former hub of the government during the early years of The Melt, controls production of the vaccine for the Artic Virus.
    Which means they make the rules:
    The four surviving cities are to go dark on each other, the general populace in each city believing the others have fallen to the plague of Living Corpses.
    Each year, each city is to send a small group of teenagers to fight in the Vaccine Wars, a fight to the death, for their allocation of the vaccine.
    The loser, the city that falls first, gets no vaccine at all.

    Lake and her friends don’t know who’s really running Celtic City or what the true purpose of the Vaccine Wars is. All they know is that they’ve been chosen to pay the price this year for Windsor City’s allotment. Dumped on an island with no place to run, they’re faced with the ultimate sacrifice and a choice:
    Save your life or save your soul.
    Kill or be killed.


  • 5 out of 5
  • Well, The vaccine wars was not how I thought they would be, I was expecting something more bloodthirsty, maybe. (Does that make me bad.Lol) . But it was missing something.. The book as a whole went in a different direction than how I thought it would. Which isn’t a bad thing. (Just not what I thought and surprising) It was still an engaging read with plenty of action. Me personally: Would of liked to read a lot more romance than what was in it, but it being slow going makes the relationship build and seem more real in the long run.

    I am looking forward to the next book. How will they pull it off. Will the two left behind be ok. Hopefully I won’t half to wait to long to see.

    One thing I would like is the author to branch off from the series and write Graces story. We meet her close to the end and there is just something about her that you want to know how she came to be that way. How did she win her vaccine wars.

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