Claiming the Prince: Book One By Cora Avery


  • Magda needs a Prince to survive, but can she survive the Princes?
    After seven years exiled in the human world, Magda is thrust back into the Pixie Lands, caught up in a deadly competition. At stake, the right to rule her family’s province and a shot at the Crown. But to have any hope of succeeding, she’ll need a Prince at her side.Rare as Princes are, she finds three. One is worthless. One makes her promise not to claim him. And the other inspires the worst of conflicting feelings: lust and loathing.

    In a land of deadly magic, dueling prophecies, and cold-blooded politics, Magda will have to do whatever it takes to survive and help her friends, even if it means bargaining with a witch who once threatened the gods.


  • 5 out of 5
  • Well. What a great read. A new take on old fantasy. Pixie. Elves. And many more fantasy creatures. This book was a very engaging read with never ending action and romance. A whole new world to immerse yourself in. I enjoyed everything about this book. Except the shadow vault. That could of been explained. The heart pieces was another unique thing I very muched liked. I loved the Pixie Rea and what it meant to be one and their shine and how the prince’s and Pixie Rea’s are drawn to each other. Made everything very interesting. I liked the diversity this book brought to the fantasy world. 🙂 Next stop book two, here I come.

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